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Marin Teknikk AS is a Norwegian Ship Design & Engineering company, with special knowledge and expertise within advanced ship design.

With more than 110 successful ship designs in our book, we feel quite convinced that we can play an important role in whatever project you are thinking about.

Our ongoing effort in making the most productive, reliable and safe ships, have lead us into the next step of 3D visualization. Together with you, we can process virtual 3D environments of your ship to ensure your perfection.

With our competence and wide knowledge in rules and regulations, we can guide you through different phases of planning and designing to fulfil your expectations.
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MT6027 Maersk Inventor - nominated for OSJ Award
MT6027 Maersk Inventor - nominated for OSJ Award
<p>For the third year in a row, a Maersk Supply Service vessel is nominated for Offshore Support Journal’s Vessel of the Year Award. </p><p>MT6027 Maersk Inventor is the third vessel delivered (of four) of the Stingray Subsea Support Vessel series. She is a newbuild subsea construction vessel designed as a flexible, stable and reliable platform to carry out a wide range of operations, in challenging offshore environments.</p> <p>If you would like to vote for this vessel as Vessel of the Year, please do so by clicking <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>. </p> <p>The announcement of the Award will take place in London, 6-7 February 2019.</p>
17.01.19 12:03
Ny pris til førerløst skip med sunnmørsdesign
Ny pris til førerløst skip med sunnmørsdesign
<p>Yara Birkeland vant Næringslivets Klimapris under Zerokonferansen. Kronprins Haakon er imponert over det som om få år blir det første førerløse conteinerskipet på vannet.</p><p>Kongsberg og Yara fikk onsdag prisen for prosjektet med det skipet Yara Birkeland som blir verdens første utslippsfrie og selvkjørende containerskip.</p> <p>Skipet er designet av Marin Teknikk i Herøy og skal bygges ved Brevik-verftet til Vard i Telemark.</p> <p>Torsdag tok kronprins Haakon seg tid til å besøke Yaras stand under konferansen som arrangeres ved Skur 13 i Oslo. <br>– Det var veldig spennende å høre mer om prosjektet. Jeg har jo hørt om det i flere år. Det er veldig bra at noen går foran, og lager et transportfartøy som både er fullt batteridrevet, og autonomt samtidig. Dette er et ambisiøst prosjekt som det blir spennende å følge videre, sa kronprinsen ifølge en pressemelding.</p> <p>Kongsberg-gruppen leverer det meste av teknologi om bord til skipet som fra 2020 skal erstatte 40.000 lastebilturer årlig mellom gjødselfabrikken til Yara og havnene i Brevik og Larvik.<br>Næringslivets klimapris deles ut for femte gang i år og er et samarbeid mellom NHO, NTNU og ZERO.</p> <p>Kilde: <a href=""></a></p>
08.11.18 13:29
Best Green Innovation Award 2018
Best Green Innovation Award 2018
<p>Marin Teknikk AS was yesterday given the Best Green Innovation Award 2018, at the Industry Design Conference (IDC/18) at Giske, Norway. The prize is given related to the work done with design MT2007 "Yara Birkeland", the worlds first autonomous commercial cargo vessel. Yara will be the owner and operator of the ship.</p><p>From the jury: "The winner is doing a paradigm shift. The future autonomos ships will move goods from trailers to ship, which will lead to more robust transport systems."</p> <p>CEO Svein Rune Gjerde is very exited to receive the prize. "This clearly shows that the work we are doing makes a footprint in the whole industry. We are very happy about the prize, and will continue our effort in making specialized vessel design through innovation. We are also greatful for the design &amp; engineering assignment Yara gave us for more than a year ago. The ship will be delivered from Vard Brevik Q1 2020."</p> <p><img src="/Installations/fwk/sites/marinteknikk3/articles/20181018_green_innovation/green_innovation_2_20181018.jpg" alt="" width="960" height="537"><br><br></p>
19.10.18 07:32
<span>Ultra Deep Solutions sets off with several MT-Designs</span>
<span>Ultra Deep Solutions sets off with several MT-Designs</span>
<p>One of the world's leading offshore diving company, Ultra Deep Solutions in Singapore, sets off with several new builds with design from Marin Teknikk.</p><p>The MT6024 DSCV Picasso is now ready to set off to UAE Middle East for Subsea Diving campain.</p> <p>The MT6024 DSCV Lichtenstein will stay working in South East Asia until December 2018, where the latest newbuild MT6023 DSCV Van Gogh will take over her work schedule. </p> <p>This followed by the MT6023 DSCV Andy Warhol, scheduled to be delivered in Q4 2018.</p> <p>Marin Teknikk is very proud to see our designs completed and ready to perform advanced offshore operations for UDS and their professional clients. Bon voyage.</p>
25.09.18 09:05

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