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Marin Teknikk AS is a Norwegian Ship Design & Engineering company, with special knowledge and expertise within advanced ship design.

With more than 110 successful ship designs in our book, we feel quite convinced that we can play an important role in whatever project you are thinking about.

Our ongoing effort in making the most productive, reliable and safe ships, have lead us into the next step of 3D visualization. Together with you, we can process virtual 3D environments of your ship to ensure your perfection.

With our competence and wide knowledge in rules and regulations, we can guide you through different phases of planning and designing to fulfil your expectations.
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MT6027 for DeBeers soon ready for launching
MT6027 for DeBeers soon ready for launching
<p>The MT6027 is going to be a massive Offshore Mining vessel with a length of 177 meters and breadth of 27 meters.</p> <p>When finished, the vessel will be one of the most technological advanced marine diamond recovery vessels in the world.</p> <p><img src="/Installations/fwk/sites/marinteknikk3/articles/20201020-mt6027-debeers/dsma_weekly_report_w_40_de_beers_2.jpg" alt="" width="960" height="640"></p> <p><img src="/Installations/fwk/sites/marinteknikk3/articles/20201020-mt6027-debeers/dsma_weekly_report_w_40_de_beers.jpg" alt="" width="960" height="928"></p> <p></p>
21.10.20 07:44
Hello summer!
Hello summer!
10.07.20 12:24
MT2007 Yara Birkeland nominert til årets skip
MT2007 Yara Birkeland nominert til årets skip
<p>Du kan lese mer om nominasjonen her, og stemme på din favoritt. Vinneren vil bli kåret av en fagjury.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Skipsrevyen - Ship of the year 2020</a></p> <p>Utdelingen av prisen har vanligvis funnet sted på messen SMM i Hamburg, men siden denne er utsatt til 2021 vil prisen i år bli delt ut under en seremoni i Bergen 16. september.</p> <p> </p>
26.05.20 09:23
Maersk Supply Service - with the MT6027 SSV design
Maersk Supply Service - with the MT6027 SSV design
<p>Maersk Supply Service will remove four 30” jacket-mounted drilling conductors and two associated conductor guide frames using an I-class vessel. With outstanding power management capabilities and dual cranes, combined with WROVs launched via moonpool, the Maersk Supply Service I-class vessels are a differentiator in maximising uptime and weather operability.</p> <blockquote> <p>“This is a technically challenging scope with large periods of time spent alongside a platform. It is gratifying to see our engineered technical solution selected by Fairfield, as the removal of older conductors that cannot be pulled through topsides remains a challenge throughout the North Sea,” says Olivier Trouvé, Head of Integrated Solutions.</p> </blockquote> <p>Project management and engineering commences this year, with offshore execution planned for 2022 or 2023 depending on option selected.</p> <p>-source:</p> <p> </p>
20.05.20 14:35

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