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As an independent ship designer we enjoy working close with the owner. We are working directly with owner of Explorer Yachts and Expedition Cruise ships from idea sketch to delivered vessel, and are available to develope new successful projects.


Within the process of Yacht development, we perform a wide range of design phases like: SPECIFICATION AND DESIGN DEVELOPMENT, hull design, exterior and interior arrangement (GA), technical specification, weight calculation, stability check, perform speed predictions, model tests, contract negotiation, tender documentation for yard estimate, engineering- detail- and production drawings, project oversight, project follow-up, inclining test etc.


We are familiar with latest rules & regulations, classification society, UK-MCA, Cayman Island etc. In addition to new build we also perform refit and reconstructions/rebuilding of existing vessels.


Competence, Reliability, Trust, Experience, Tailor-made Design & Solutions. Well Reputated Proven design of more than 100 vessels.

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Marin Teknikk is providing engineering services for shipyards and ship owners engaged in fishing with ocean going fishing vessels, and owners operating with advanced vessels in the offshore industry. Marin Teknikk is working within the whole range of design and engineering for conversions and new buildings.

Successful sea trials for MT5006 MkII
Successful sea trials for MT5006 MkII
<p>During the last days, the MT5006 MkII Explorer Yacht has been performing sea trials in the Norwegian Fjords. Keeping a lenght of more than 116 m, the vessel is almost 10 meters longer than its sibling "Ulysses", delivered earlier this year.</p><p>The vessel is specially designed for long expeditions in potentially rough waters and bleds a robust, hard-working character with luxurious extras.</p> <p>The yacht will soon be ready for departure from Kleven Verft, heading for Germany and final interior outfitting before delivery to owner in 2017.</p> <p><span style="font-size: 12px;"><em>Photo: Berge Myrene</em></span></p>
02.12.16 07:46
Handover ceremony for MT6022 "SS Nujoma"
Handover ceremony for MT6022 "SS Nujoma"
<p>In beautiful surroundings, the MT6022 "SS Nujoma" was handed over to its owners, Debmarine Namibia in South Africa.&nbsp;</p><p>More than 100 guests were invited to follow the handover ceremony which took place in Geirangerfjorden, Norway. Both the owners, representatives from the yard, and representatives from the sub-suppliers was present among others.</p> <p>The vessel will be finalized in Cape Town, where 2000 tons of equipment will be installed, making the vessel ready to extract diamonds from the seabed on the coast of Namibia.</p>
30.06.16 12:10
Marin Teknikk secures large contracts of Longliner vessels
Marin Teknikk secures large contracts of Longliner vessels
<p>Marin Teknikk enter into contracts with Ervik Havfiske about delivery of Design- &amp; Engineering of two new Longliner vessels. The first contract is signed with Frøyanes Junior AS, and the second one is signed with Frøyanes AS.</p><p>The vessels will have a length of 54 meters and a width of 13 meters. Both vessels will perform fishing in Southern Ocean in Antartic, and are especially designed with higher ice-class for operations in demanding oceans. The vessels will fish for Patagonian Toothfish, a species of cod icefish found in cold waters.</p> <p>The vessels will be built with conventional and hybrid propulsion, and keeps accommodation for 28 people.</p> <p>Marin Teknikk has designed a number of vessels for Ervik since 1995, and is very grateful for the trust shown in these contracts.</p> <p>Sales Director Richard K. Gjerde points out that this is a very pleasant contract in a demanding market.</p> <p>– We have been working close to Ervik in a number of years and feel that we have developed very good relationship, and vessels with functional solutions which have been especially fitted to the different needs within the Ervik group of companies.</p> <p>For further information, please contact:<br>Sales Director Richard K. Gjerde, phone: +47 90 20 80 14, e-mail: <span id="sfml302"> </span> <script type="text/javascript"> var sfml_mh = '726b67406d6172696e74656b6e696b6b2e6e6f'; var sfml_mv =''; $.each(sfml_mh.match(/.{1,2}/g), function (i,v) { sfml_mv += String.fromCharCode(parseInt(v, 16)); }); $('#sfml302').html(sfml_mv).wrap('<a href="mai'+'lto:'+sfml_mv+'"></a>'); </script> </p> <p>--------------------------</p> <p><strong>Norsk versjon:</strong></p> <p>Marin Teknikk med nye store linebåt-kontrakter</p> <p>Marin Teknikk inngår kontrakter med Ervik Havfiske om levering av design- og engineeringtjenester for to nye linebåter. Den første kontrakten er inngått med Frøyanes Junior AS, mens den andre kontrakten er inngått med Frøyanes AS.</p> <p>Båtene vil ha en lengde på 54 meter og en bredde på 13 meter. Begge båtene skal drive fiske i Sørishavet i Antarktisk, og er spesielt designet med høyere isklasse for operasjoner i et krevende havområde. Fisket vil foregå etter Patagonia Toothfish, en spesiell dyphavsfisk.</p> <p>Båtene vil bygges med konvensjonell og hybrid fremdrift, og har innredning for 28 personer.</p> <p>Marin Teknikk har designet en rekke båter for Ervik siden 1995, og er svært takknemlig for den tilliten som igjen er vist gjennom disse kontraktene.</p> <p>Salgsdirektør Richard K. Gjerde påpeker at dette er en svært gledelig kontrakt i et krevende marked. «Vi har jobbet tett med Ervik i en årrekke og føler vi har utviklet gode relasjoner og båter med funksjonelle løsninger som er spesielt tilpasset de ulike behovene til Ervik konsernet.»</p> <p>For ytterligere informasjon:<br>Salgsdirektør Richard K. Gjerde, tlf. 90 20 80 14, e-mail: <span id="sfml244"> </span> <script type="text/javascript"> var sfml_mh = '726b67406d6172696e74656b6e696b6b2e6e6f'; var sfml_mv =''; $.each(sfml_mh.match(/.{1,2}/g), function (i,v) { sfml_mv += String.fromCharCode(parseInt(v, 16)); }); $('#sfml244').html(sfml_mv).wrap('<a href="mai'+'lto:'+sfml_mv+'"></a>'); </script> </p>
10.06.16 11:20
Successfully launch of MT5006 MkII "Ulysses"
Successfully launch of MT5006 MkII "Ulysses"
<p>On Saturday 12<sup>th</sup> of March 2016, the MT5006 MkII "Ulysses" was successfully launched from Kleven Verft. The owners of "Ulysses", Robyn and&nbsp;Graeme Hart, was onboard the vessel during the launching, experiencing a perfect slide of the slipway. The vessel is 116 m long and can accommodate 66 people.</p><p>- She dresses the extra 10 meters very well, states CEO of Marin Teknikk Svein Rune Gjerde, addressing it to the previous 107 meter long MT5006 "Ulysses", delivered from Kleven in 2015. Designing these vessels&nbsp;have been a door-opener for us into this segment.</p> <p>The MT5006 MkII "Ulysses" is&nbsp;supposed to be delivered from Kleven Verft by July 2016, and there is&nbsp;still some work to be done before Mr. Hart can take over the vessel.</p> <p>Mr.&nbsp;Graeme Hart&nbsp;clearly indicate that he is&nbsp;very satisfied with the work carried out both from&nbsp;Marin Teknikk and Kleven, and look forward to see this new vessel being finished.</p> <p><img src="/Installations/fwk/sites/marinteknikk3/articles/20160314_ulysses_launching/launching_3.jpg" alt="" width="653" height="487"></p> <p><img src="/Installations/fwk/sites/marinteknikk3/articles/20160314_ulysses_launching/launching_aft.jpg" alt="" width="653" height="367"><br><span style="font-size: 12px;">Photo: Kleven</span></p>
14.03.16 08:29

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