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The MT6027 SSV design has proven to be a good platform for serving the needs in the offshore wind, offshore oil and gas and decommissioning markets.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.

MT’s well proven subsea vessel can also lay cables & deploy flexible pipe and serve the offshore wind industry

The innovative design is environmentally friendly in operation with efficient latest technology propulsion systems that minimizes energy consumption during trenching/laying and in dynamic positioning (DP) operations.

The MT6027 is also designed to reduce emissions and operating costs by harnessing machinery system waste heat.

The MT6027 design with its optimized hull lines is known for good sea-keeping, smart power and propulsion system developed to minimize energy consumption, and a integrated energy recovery system.

The vessel is designed to be able to operate on dual fuel types and has a battery energy storage system for peak shaving and to provide a spinning reserve.

The vessel’s forward section accommodates 120 people in one-men cabins and includes two remotely operated vehicle (ROV) hangars, whereas one with a moon-pool. A main moon-pool is positioned aft of the accommodation block.

The large working deck area of 1925 m², facilitates the vessel’s adaptability, enabling multiple operational setups for deployment worldwide, including a 275 ton vertical lay tower (VLT) for deployment of flexible pipe through moon-pool. In addition the MT6027 is prepared for flexible pipelay over the vessel’s ship-side. Alternatively, a J-lay system over the stern can be arranged.

The hull is equipped with a 400 ton AHC hybrid boom Crane plus a normal 110 ton AHC Offshore Crane with 3000m or 4000m lifting height. With the hybrid boom crane capacity, the vessel can support the installation of suction anchors for floating offshore windfarms as well as “high” lifts on/to windmill’s and offshore platform installations.

The MT6027 SSV design is also capable of serving as a cable laying vessel for a 6000 ton carousel with product on main deck and one under deck carousel with 3000 ton product, with a total cable capacity of approx.. 9000 tons

  • 1925 m2 deck space area optimized for installation of equipment and cargo
  • Helicopter deck for Sikorsky S92
  • 120 modern single cabins for increased comfort and rest
  • 1 of WROV LARS System for launching/recovery of ROV from ROV hangar SB side
  • 1 of WROV LARS System for launching/recovery of ROV through moon-pool of 4.8m x 4.8m in ROV garage
Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.
  • Reliable and energy efficient 400 ton active heave compensated luffing knuckle boom crane on SB
  • Secondary AHC 100 ton Offshore Crane on PS
  • Enlarged 8.4m x 8.4m moon-pool for complex operations.
  • A second moon-pool of 4.8m x 4.8m installed in the vessel’s ROV garage/hangar
  • Prepared for 275 ton vertical lay tower (VLT) for deployment of flexible pipe or module handling
Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.
  • Prepared for under deck carousel for 3000 ton product
  • Prepared for flexible pipelay over vessel’s ship-side
  • LFL* tanks
  • Ant-heeling system
  • Deadweight at swl approx..: 8800 ton (open moon-pool)
  • Deadweight at swl approx..: 9900 ton (open moon-pool)
Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.

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