Our story

More than 40 years of experience gives us an unique platform to design and develope the most advanced vessels in close cooperation with customers worldwide.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.

The breakthrough

Back in 1993-94 Marin Teknikk experienced its first large success with the new type offshore vessel – the MT6000 series.

MT6000 - Skandi Marstein

With frequency controlled diesel electric propulsion, characteristic Super-structure, Bulbus bow, closed Cargo rail and Safe Heaven, a new standard was born.

In the early times

Before the breakthrough, Marin Teknikk was focusing on smaller projects for local customers within the maritime cluster.

Construction work and following up conversions and ship newbuildings was the main activity the first years. In 1984 the company built its own office at Dragsund Industriområde and when slowly growing into the -90’s., there was more and more construction- and detail drawings work to be done.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.

A new generation offshore vessels ...

In the coming years, a new vessel generation was constructed and by year 2005, Marin Teknikk had designed around 25 newbuilt offshore vessels.

... and a series of fishing vessels

Marin Teknikk also designed several fishing vessels in this period. Later on, a wider range of fishing vessel has been designed, for different market segments.

Bumps in the road

Challenging times arrived in 2003 and a whole industry was struggling. Despite that, Marin Teknikk managed to grow further in strong competition with other ship design agencies.

Rebuilding and growing market segments

Thanks to several larger rebuilding’s and an increasing need for new vessel designs, Marin Teknikk managed to overcome the difficult times and continued the positive trend.

Code SPS 2008

As an early adopter of SPS 2008 on our new designs, Marin Teknikk made positive advantages of this in the following years.

Serving the Oil & Gas sector

A wide range of Platform Support vessels and Multipurpose Platform Supply vessels was designed the following years.

Increasing Offshore activities

Increasing Offshore activities gave a lot of work to our company in this period, serving both local and foreign clients and customers.

Good times ahead

The following years become good for Marin Teknikk. The company expanded its design range to cover most of the different segments in the Oil & Gas industry, and at the same time looking into some new market segments.

The company grows

A rapidly growing industry led to an even larger organization, followed by new requests from new market segments. In 2013 Marin Teknikk secures a new contract for a high specification 107m explorer yacht.

Large technical advanced vessels

With a main crane of 400 tons, the Maersk series of MT6027 Subsea Service vessels stated our capabilities within designing large technical advanced Offshore vessels.

Offshore Mining

A new industry downturn showed up, but Marin Teknikk was happy to keep a long back-log and managed quite well through the worst oil & gas crisis seen in a long time.

Diving Support vessels

During this period, Marin Teknikk designed a wide range of advanced Diving Support vessels for construction work down to 3.000 meters below sea level.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.

Industry markets in change

Every now and then, the vessel segments changes, and once again the Offshore market turns down while the Fish and Aqua service market is rapidly raising.

The Autonomous era

By designing the world first Autonomous Cargo vessel, Marin Teknikk was once again up front in the development of Autonomous vessels. The Yara Birkeland vessel will also be the first fully electric cargo vessel in the world.

Fishing vessels

Taking part in the Fishing upturn, Marin Teknikk designed a wide range of advanced Fishing vessels.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.

New market segments

Marin Teknikk reveals a wide range of vessel designs within the Aqua vessel segments. New Live Fish carriers and Aqua Service vessels tailor made to clients.