Marin Teknikk AS is offering a wide range of engineering services related to newbuilding or rebuilding of various kind of vessels.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.

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Consept Design

  • Conceptual Design & 3D illustrations
  • Design & CFD Performance documentation
  • Tender package for Owner support and pricing at shipyard
  • Customized design for best solution and enhanced vessel performance for the purpose of the vessel
  • High focus on flexibility, involvement, dedication and swift response in a discreet approach based upon well proven MT designs
Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.

Basic Design

  • Basic Design & engineering technical project class package
  • Project management and follow-up towards Owner, shipyard, class & authorities
  • Document controller system for handling technical management documentation
  • High focus on efficient systems, routines and modern tools for early construction start
  • Short command lines and easy communication for efficient project review and cooperation
Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.

Detail Design Engineering

  • High degree of detail design engineering package
  • State of the art 3D modelling of the vessel design
  • Flexibility to implement actual shipyard standards
  • Design review through advanced 3D visualization
  • Detailed extensive & informative documentation
  • Workshop-, NC Lofting & Cutting documentation, 3D pipe arrangement and ISO-metric drawings, co-ordination and penetration drawings
Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.

Conversions on existing vessels

  • Develop GA-Plan and technical specifications for conversion projects
  • Provide calculations, clarifications, GAP analysis, feasibility studies and presentations
  • Give proposals and advice in the design process for conversions
  • Design & tender support packages for retrofit, modifications and conversions
  • Checking for tenders

3D Plotting

  • Large inhouse 3D plotter
Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design and Engineering.