About us

Marin Teknikk AS is located at Dragsund, Herøy municipal in Norway. The company was established
in 1981.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.

A Norwegian Ship Design & Engineering company

Professional ship design

Worldwide activity and more than 120 delivered ship designs makes us a reliable partner with vital knowledge within different vessel types and markets. Marin Teknikk has within the last years contributed to several innovative, new thinking ideas, to extend the market possibilities both inside and outside the offshore and fishing vessel sector.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.


Marin Teknikk consist of about 40 highly skilled employees at our head office in Dragsund, Norway. I addition we have 2 fully owned subsidiary companies in Poland, Marin Teknikk Szczecin and Marin Teknikk Gdansk, with another 25 employees.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.

What we deliver

Marin Teknikk puts a lot of effort into designing our vessels into the best possible result for the customer. By focusing on the main duty of the vessel we are able to deliver a productive, flexible and safe vessel design

Excellent model tested hull lines with good beam, enabling the vessel having solid stability.

The MT-Design construction is always designed to optimize the safety, both for the vessel the operation and the people. Reduced risk is one of our main focus areas.

Marin Teknikk offers well known vessel design combined with the latest reliable technology, solutions and products available in the market.

Marin Teknikk can work with all main vendors of equipment to make the final project tailor made to any client or customer.

The customer will always have our outmost attention. In close cooperation we will ensure that the final design will meet the expectations.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.