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For long expeditions in rough waters

Our Explorer Yachts blends a robust hard-working character with luxurious added extras.

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Designed for long expeditions in rough waters in high standard accommodation. With the combination of helideck and hangar for helicopter, these vessels will be able to support a wide range of journeys into remote areas.

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Ultimate luxury

Making the impossible possible, designed for luxury expedition style cruising around
the world.

Let's build a yacht

Marin Teknikk is proud to introduce our new Explorer Yachts & Cruise vessels.



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Explorer Yacht & Cruise vessels

During 40 years of experience we have achieved a solid base of knowledge to make your next vessel a safe, reliable, well thought-through vessel you will be appreciating a lot the coming years.

As an independent ship designer we are free to design your ideas in line with our expertise and knowledge.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.

Luxury onboard

A special focus is given on the external design, combined with the luxury extras to offer a delighted stay onboard. High safety is maintained to ensure your well-being, in addition to well proven technical solutions to make a reliable and functional vessel.

Your ideas combined with our knowledge makes us a perfect match; to create your next Explorer Yacht or Cruise vessel.

Make us proud, let us show you how your next vessel can be.

Marin Teknikk AS. Ship Design & Engineering. Skipsdesign.

Explore the Oceans

Enjoy the Luxury Feeling

The feeling of independence, freedom and ability to travel wherever you like, gives you the ultimate satisfaction. Why not spoil yourself with some luxury, carefully combined with a nice atmosphere travelling around.

In cooperation with our partners for interior design we can create your style. Your expression. Your vessel.

Travel With Confidence


It’s essential to relay on the safety both for the passengers and the crew.

We design our vessels with high focus on safety to ensure a pleasant journey wherever you would like to go.

Sports and activities

Our Explorer Yachts are tailor-made to satisfy the owner or client in the best possible way. This includes flexible solutions to make different sports activities to a natural part of the experience.

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