Successfully launch of MT5006 MkII “Ulysses”

On Saturday 12th of March 2016, the MT5006 MkII “Ulysses” was successfully launched from Kleven Verft. The owners of “Ulysses”, Robyn and Graeme Hart, was onboard the vessel during the launching, experiencing a perfect slide of the slipway. The vessel is 116 m long and can accommodate 66 people.

– She dresses the extra 10 meters very well, states CEO of Marin Teknikk Svein Rune Gjerde, addressing it to the previous 107 meter long MT5006 “Ulysses”, delivered from Kleven in 2015. Designing these vessels have been a door-opener for us into this segment.

The MT5006 MkII “Ulysses” is supposed to be delivered from Kleven Verft by July 2016, and there is still some work to be done before Mr. Hart can take over the vessel.

Mr. Graeme Hart clearly indicate that he is very satisfied with the work carried out both from Marin Teknikk and Kleven, and look forward to see this new vessel being finished.