Successful completion of Walk to Work trials for Orient Constructor

Marin Teknikk AS

Orient Constructor, MT6022 MkII, former Olympic Athene, is Taiwan’s first subsea construction and walk to work vessel, owned and operated by Dong Fang Offshore Co., Ltd, a Taiwanese contractor.

During a rebuilding process, the vessel has been converted from a construction support vessel (CSV) to better serve the offshore wind industry. By upgrading the vessel with a W2W system and crew transfer vessel (CTV) landings, it’s ready to support commissioning and maintenance activities in Changhua county, Taiwan.

Marin Teknikk is happy to contribute to the conversion of the vessel and seeing that our ship designs are very popular in the market. This is stating that our flexible and adjustable designs can be good platform with small adjustments/conversions to a wide role of deployment and operations worldwide.

The MT6022 MkII multi-purpose offshore construction vessel was built in 2014 by Kleven Verft in Norway for Olympic Shipping. The vessel has a diesel-electric DP2 propulsion configuration, a 250 MT active heave compensated main crane, accommodation for 102 persons and an aft deck of 1,300 square meters. Design and engineering are performed by Marin Teknikk AS, Norway.