New MT6022 L for REM Offshore

Illustrasjon: MarinteknikkAs/GunnarF AS

Rem Offshore ASA has entered into a newbuilding contract for an OSCV vessel at Kleven Verft AS.

The ship will be to the Marin Teknikk MT6022 L design, following on from Rem’s experience with the similar Kleven-built Rem Clough, delivered in 2008. The vessel will have a length of 117 meters and a breadth of 22 meters and is scheduled for delivery from the shipyard in second quarter 2014.
The vessel is the 12th MT-Design Rem is contracting.

The vessels follows up the new generation of environmentally friendly and operational state of the art multipurpose vessels, where much attention is put on fuel economy, low emissions to the environment and large capacities both above and below deck.

The ship is equipped with a 250T offshore crane that can work down to 3000m ocean depth. Delivery is planned to 2nd quarter 2014.