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The Longliners MT1112 ‘Nordic Prince’ and MT1112 ‘Argos Georgia’ was given their name in a very nice ceremony in Gibraltar on 9th of March 2018, accompanied by invited guests. At the same time the vessels was handed over to their new owner; Ervik Havfiske AS.

Built by Tersan Shipyard in Turkey, the sister vessels are 54 meters long and 13 meters wide, both ready to perform fishing for Patagonia Toothfish in the Southern Ocean. Patagonia Toothfish is a species found in cold waters.

The vessels are equipped with Line Hauling moonpool for improved efficiency and safer working environment and have a complete new autoline arrangement.

The vessels are designed with higher ice-class for demanding oceans and built with conventional and hybrid propulsion. The vessels keep accommodation for 28 people and keeps high standard furnishing.

During the trip from Turkey to Gibraltar, the vessels got their first test in stormy sea. Both the vessels and the crew arrived in good shape with very good recommendations.