Naming ceremony for MT6021 MkII Olympic Delta

Olympic Delta was given its name by Cassie Dingman in beautiful summer weather in Fosnavåg, on Saturday 4 June 2015. The ceremony was followed by an Open Ship arrangement, where a lot of visitors entered the ship.

The 94 meters long vessel is equipped with an active heave compensated subsea crane capable of lifting 80t (900t/m – 30t at 30 meters) and has wire capacity of 2500 meters. The work deck is 900 square meters and has a moonpool of 6m x 6m. The vessel has accommodation for 80 persons.

Olympic and Delta will jointly market the vessel to clients for Subsea, IMR and renewable markets or similar work.

The vessel is equipped with two Delta SubSea Schilling HD 150 HP work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from DSS’s fleet.

Video: Olympic Delta west of Runde