MT1112 L “Polar Bay” delivered to Owner

Marin Teknikk AS

Yesterday, on Thursday 10 of February 2022, the MT1112 L Longliner Factory Fishing Vessel was delivered to the Spanish Owner from Tersan Shipyard in Turkey.

The 60.5 m long vessel is built with high Ice-class, ready for fishery in the Antarctic for Patagonian Tooth Fish. Polar Bay is equipped with a modern autoline system, fishing through moonpool, and processing plant factory with high focus on careful handling and quality of the fish products.

Marin Teknikk is proud to see another of our successful fishing vessel designs leaving the yard, ready to become an efficient, lucrative and safe vessel for owner and crew.

Once again, Tersan Shipyard has delivered a quality vessel. Marin Teknikk is grateful for the good cooperation with the owner and shipyard.


Marin Teknikk AS