More design & engineering Projects for Marin Teknikk

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The MT design has again proven to be a flexible platform that can be converted to new operations. In an era of high focus on sustainability and reuse, we see that the MT design platform vessels with its frequency-controlled diesel electric propulsion system, optimized hull-lines, deck- layout & arrangements with good logistics are very attractive vessels for new applications and roles.

Marin Teknikk has secured new design & engineering contracts for two more rebuilding projects. One agreement is signed with an Asian Cable Lay Company where MT shall provide design & engineering services for a vessel that will undergo a large conversion from offshore vessel to a Cable Repair Vessel. Another agreement is signed with an international shipping company for an offshore vessel which shall be rebuilt to IMR and Diving Support Vessel.

We at Marin Teknikk are proud to be part of these projects and collaborate with the prestigious high-ranking shipping companies. More information will follow.
Furthermore, we notice increasing interests in our services and well proven MT Designs. New contracts are targeted to be announced in the following weeks.