Marin Teknikk to design new yacht for Graeme Hart and Kleven

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When Marin Teknikk signed a Expedition Yacht contract in spring 2013, we were unsure if this was a “one of a kind” or if it could be the start of several ship design to this market. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can confirm this new contract between Graeme Hart and Kleven on another vessel of this class, type MT5006 MkII.

The vessel has some common features with the one that is under construction at Kleven, but it is almost 10 meters longer, keeping a total length of over 116m. The accommodation will be of high standard.

The vessel is also to be equipped with a helicopter deck and hangar for helicopter. There will be arranged space for and deployment procedures for five large boats that can be carried on for different excursions. In addition, there will be a hangar for several smaller boats and equipment for water sports. The latest technology on diesel electric propulsion systems and will be installed. There will also be a requirement for dynamic positioning when the vessel should lay long position in remote areas.

The vessel will accommodate 66 people, and will include deliveries from a number of Norwegian suppliers like Rolls-Royce, Hareid Group, Jets and Sperre. The vessel will be built at Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway, and is scheduled for delivery in July 2016. The first vessel is to be delivered in June 2015.

Both Marin Teknikk and Kleven have learned a lot in the process we have been through and today we holds a knowledge base for this type of ship that is unique. Kleven’s good quality on all areas and deliverability, played in this context an important role.

We see the new contract as a confirmation that the work our employees have put into the ongoing project has been satisfactorily received by the shipowner. This new contract also indicates that when two different working environments meet, something new and exciting can show up.

The new contract will be a solid contribution to secure work for the employees well into 2016.

Marin Teknikk
At the moment there are 15 vessels under construction of MT Design, -from Dalian, China in the east to New Orleans, Louisiana in the west. Five of the vessels are under construction at Kleven in Norway.

Marin Teknikk has its main office in Dragsund, Herøy municipality in Norway with about 65 employees. In addition we have offices in Szczecin and Gdansk in Poland with a total of 40 engineers.

For further information, please contact; CEO & Head of Ship Design Svein Rune Gjerde on tel .: +47 911 89 888, or e-mail: