Marin Teknikk have signed a contract with Keppel Singmarine Pte Ltd for delivery of design package for a MT 6024 Diving Support & Construction Vessel for SBM Offshore N.V., Monaco 15.04.2011

SBM Offshore has signed a contract with Keppel Singmarine, a shipyard in the Keppel group in Singapore, for construction of a MT 6024 Multipurpose Subsea Diving Support & Construction Vessel. Keppel Singmarine shall build the tailor-made DSCV, scheduled for delivery in 2Q 2013.

Marin Teknikk have for more than a year back secured agreement for the Design of the new vessel with SBM Offshore and developed the project in close cooperation with SBM. Due to this agreement, Marin Teknikk have signed a contract with Keppel Singmarine, for design and engineering package for this order. This will be hull number 366 at KSM.

The MT 6024 DSCV vessel design combines capabilities of diving support, subsea construction and anchor handling, and features a DP III (Dynamically Positioned) system.
The DSCV will be equipped with a fully integrated 12-men saturation diving system that enables divers to work safely up to a depth of 300m, and a 250 tonnes knuckle boom crane to support subsea oilfield development. It will also feature a 200 tonnes double drum winch, four chain lockers and a stern roller for anchor handling functions. One AHC 150 tonnes abandonment & recovery winch with overboard sheave, enable the vessel to carry out offshore construction and installation work in water depth of up to 1,500m. The Operations will be supported by one work-class and one observation-class ROV.

The vessel will have an length overall of 111,20m, beam of 25m, depth at main deck (1st. constr. deck) of 10,20m, depth to Sh. Deck (2nd constr. deck) of 13,05m and a top quality accommodation for 100 persons including the divers. The vessel design includes a patented “double-deck” concept which will provide a large storage / construction area on the upper deck while keeping the conventional main deck unobstructed for anchor handling equipment. The vessel will be built according to DNV rules and international regulations. The classification notations are; DNV +1A1, SPS, SF, E0, Dynpos AUTRO, DK(+), HELDK-SH, COMF-V(3), Clean Design, DSV-SAT, DSV Surface, CRANE, TMON, BIS, NAUT AW, BWM-T

Marin Teknikk welcomes highly this contract which secure work for the MT staff the rest of the year. SBM Offshore is a new client for Marin Teknikk. MT have during the pre project period established a good working relationship with the demanding Owner SBM Offshore and is looking forward to continue working together with them in this new phase of the project. MT has also a good relationship with Keppel Singmarine, which is known for building high quality and reliable delivery of vessels. Marin Teknikk has recently delivered design for 4 of advanced offshore MPSV vessels, built at Keppel Singmarine and now 1 more is under construction.

The vessel represent a new generation of environmentally friendly and operational state of the art large DSCV multipurpose vessel, where much attention is put on fuel economy with diesel electric propulsion system, low emissions to the environment and large capacities both above and below deck. Dead weight of the vessel is approx. 5200 tons, work deck aft of Dive area is 810m2 on Sh.deck and 590m2 on main deck. The vessels FO capacity is 1600m3 and FW capacity is 1050m3 + fresh water makers. The MT 6024 DSCV is being built in accordance with the new SPS code, Clean Design and equipped with a helideck with diameter of 22,2m for easy transfer of personnel.

The Dive system consist of a DRASS Saturation Diving Spread of 12-man System, 3 x Living Chambers, 1 x 3 person Diving Bell, 15,000 m3 gas storage and 1 x 12 person Hyperbaric Lifeboat. The Air Diving Spread consist of 1 of Air Dive Chamber, 2 independent Launch And Recovery Systems.

The contracts will also ensure large subcontracting orders for suppliers in the Norwegian maritime cluster.

SBM Offshore said the purchase is part of its strategy to grow offshore turkney services. The company ownes the world’s largest fleet of FPSOs.

For further information please contact:

Svein-Rune Gjerde – Manging Director – mobile 91189888
Richard K. Gjerde – Sales Manager – mobile 90208014