Marin Teknikk AS wins contract for high specification Expedition Vessel

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Marin Teknikk has secured a landmark new contract for a high specification, 107-metre long Expedition Support Vessel, specially designed for long expeditions in rough waters. The vessel blends a robust, hard-working character with luxurious added extras, including a swimming pool and its own 21m tender boat on the bow.

Svein Rune Gjerde, CEO of Marin Teknikk, says that the project is an exciting one for us and the clients team:

“One year ago Marin Teknikk was contacted by the shipowners asking if we would design a so-called Expedition Support Vessel,” he comments.

“We find that shipowners like our design styles and value our considerable experience – spanning from the design of service vessels to the oil and gas industry, to our ocean-going fishing vessels. It has been exciting to be able to utilise the know-how of our employees to interact with the clients designers to develop a luxury vessel of this type, which is being constructed for a rather different use than the offshore vessels we usually work with on a daily basis.”

Gjerde adds: “This will be a different and interesting project for our design team to use the information from the client and intergrate this with the knowledge that underpins the development of this vessel is much the same as it is for our successful offshore vessels, but new regulations and specifications have made this an exciting and challenging project.”

Ståle Rasmussen, CEO of Kleven, is enjoying collaborating with Marin Teknikk. He comments: “We have worked with Marin Teknikk for many years, developing numerous offshore vessels together, and the collaboration between us always works well. This vessel is a good example of our ability to develop and build specialized vessels and prototypes.”

He continues: “The shipowners chose us because they wanted Norwegian design and construction at Norwegian shipyards, due to quality standards, delivery times and price. We are delighted to have won the competition based on these criteria.”

The new vessel will accommodate 60 people and is to be equipped with a helipad and helicopter hangar. It will be built at Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik and is scheduled for delivery in December 2014.

“Our first contact with the Owners were back in end of April 2012. We got an anonymous request and we started to exchange information which soon ended up in meetings and design agreement”, says Richard K. Gjerde, Sales Director of Marin Teknikk. “The Owner fancy the Norwegian proven design, and quality shipyards with accurate delivery at time & budget. The client with the assistance of an experienced designer, presented a concept including General Arrangement and Exterior Styling before final design was chosen and all details agreed. Much work have been spent in the design and sales work period, but we feel very proud now when we see the results. We are also very happy for doing this together with Kleven and the clients team.”

“The vessel shall be built according to the latest Passenger Yacht Code rules, adapted for larger yachts with more than 12 passengers. This work have been interesting and path-breaking due to fulfillment of all the different rules and new institutions to be involved. From the sales department point of view we see this as a new interesting reference for MT”, Gjerde comments.

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Sales Director Richard K. Gjerde, tel: +47 90 20 80 14, e-mail: