Marin Teknikk AS to design MPSV for IES Pioneer Ltd.

Marin Teknikk has signed a new shipbuilding contract with Kleven for design of a MPSV vessel for Malaysian based IES Pioneer Ltd. The contract for the new vessel is of the MT 6015 MPSV design, and will be outfitted with a crane, helideck and FiFi II. Delivery will be in September 2015.

The high end specification vessel has a length of 93,8 meters, a beam of 20,0 meters, a working deck of more than 1,000 sq. meters, and will feature a 150 MT active heave compensated offshore crane, accommodation for 60 persons, CAP 437 compliant helideck , fire-fighting capabilities as well as provisions for ROV operations.

The vessel is expected to be contracted by oil & gas operating companies in the ongoing development of deep and newly discovered ultra deep-water hydrocarbon fields of Asia and the Middle East. The multipurpose and highly versatile vessel has a proven design and track record in the harsh North Sea environment. On delivery the vessel is expected to ensure deep and ultra deep-water projects completed on schedule and with reduced weather downtime resulting in significant savings to oil majors and their contractors.

“At Kleven we are very pleased to announce our very first vessel construction contract with a client from South East Asia, showing that we are competitive worldwide based on our quality, punctuality and price,” Kleven CEO Ståle Rasmussen comments.

Marin Teknikk is very pleased to sign this contract with a new customer from Asia. Thanks to a fundamental interest to succeed from all parties, the sales process have been fruitful leading into this specific contract.

“We at MT are proud and humble on the fact that the Owner IES PIONEER, whom we had our first discussions with in Singapore just back in April, choose our design and in addition comes all the way to the other side of the World for using Norwegian high end technology and the best shipbuilding quality product that Kleven performs”, says Sales Director Richard Gjerde.

The signed contract by the above parties also includes an option for a second vessel to be constructed and delivered in 2016.