Marin Teknikk AS to design another MT6022 MkII vessel for Olympic Shipping AS

Olympic Shipping has confirmed an optional contract with Kleven for building another vessel of the popular MT6022 MkII design. The new vessel will be a sister ship of the former MT6022 MkII, which was contracted this summer. Only small changes will separate the vessels. The vessel is to be built on Kleven’s shipyard Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik, Norway. Delivery of the vessel is set to Q1 2014.

The vessel has a length of 115.4 m and a width of 22 m, with accommodation for a total of 110 persons. The ship will be equipped with a 250 T offshore crane that can work down to 3000m ocean depth, arranged with 2 of Work ROV (unmanned submarines) and 1 Observation ROV.

The vessels follows up the new generation of environmentally friendly and operational state of the art multipurpose vessels, where much attention is put on fuel economy, low emissions to the environment and large capacities both above and below deck.

Sales Director Richard K. Gjerde in Marin Teknikk is very pleased by the release of this optional design and engineering contract.

“In a very complex and demanding business, Olympic Shipping is a very solid partner for us. Together we are able to design world leading functional vessels, with high standard and excellent sea-keeping characteristics. This contract states once again the well proven design, combined with cost-effective vessels for long term life cycles. This contract will also secure a lot of work for our employees, both in Norway and Poland the coming months”.

This vessel will be the 10th MT Design from Marin Teknikk for Olympic Shipping, and the 25th MT-Design built on Kleven Verft.

“During our cooperation with the yard, we continue improving an ongoing developing process. Our design and technical solutions combined with Kleven’s fantastic shipbuilding expertise within the Norwegian Cluster, makes a win-win situation for both companies and for the local society“, says Gjerde.