Marin Teknikk AS designing large construction vessels for Rem Offshore

A new contract is signed between Rem Offshore and Kleven Maritime to build a new “Sub Sea Support & Construction” vessel. Rem Offshore has signed a contract for construction of a MT6022 at Kleven Maritime. The MT6022 design has been built in several versions with different features built into. This vessel is the 7th ship of this design and the 3rd that Rem contracting.

The new contract with Kleven is a result of collaboration with the owner over many years. The experience the company achieved with “Rem Forza” which was delivered in 2008 and is a MT6022 design, are included in the evaluation and further developed into the new project. This is the 10th MT-Design Rem is contracting, and the 22nd MT-Design Kleven Maritime builds.

The MT6022 design has a length of 108m and a width of 22m, with accommodation for a total of 110 persons. The ship is equipped with a 250T offshore crane that can work down to 3000m ocean depth, arranged with 2 of Work ROV (unmanned submarines) and 1 Observation ROV.

The design is according to the latest rules applicable to such ships. To be special mentioned is the SPS code/regulations, with the latest requirements for damage stability. With this legislation in place, the ship can work in all areas where it currently operates exploration and production of oil and gas.

It is particularly gratifying to have this contract in the region, as there are players who are located in the vicinity of Marin Teknikk. This is also good news to many equipment suppliers to the project. The trend at Kleven Maritime is towards more of the work of such a project is carried out in Norway. This is a positive development in terms of recruitment to the industry.

The industry in Norway confirms its position in the world in terms of design, equipment supply and shipbuilding.

Marin Teknikk AS has in recent months employed 9 new engineers where we have picked 5 from abroad – all these have moved to Sunnmøre in Norway. Marin Teknikk currently consists of 49 employees in Norway and 11 engineers in a wholly-owned Polish company.

For further information from Marin Teknikk AS, please contact CEO Svein-Rune Gjerde, telephone 700 83404, mob. 911 89 888 or e-mail: