MT2007 Yara Birkeland
We proudly present the Fully Electric and Autonomous Container Feeder MT2007 Yara Birkeland. She will be built by Vard Brevik and is planned to be delivered to Yara in early 2020.The exterior Design is developed in close cooperation with Yara and together with MT's excellent hull lines she will represent a Zero Emission vessel with a minimized Environmental footprint. The MT2007 Yara Birkeland will be a part of a sophisticated autonomous logistic chain developed by Yara, and will move transport from road to sea by removing/replacing up to 40 000 truck trips from the local roads between Brevik and Larvik. Equipped with world class equipment from Kongsberg she is planned to operate fully autonomous by 2022. Main dimensions: LOA approx. 80mBreadth: 14,8mSWL: 6,2m Energy Storage: approx. 7000 kWhCapacity: Up to 120 TEU MT is exited to further cooperate with world class Norwegian suppliers and yard to finalize and deliver this pioneering piece of technology to Yara. For further details please feel free to contact us.
16.08.2018 09:40
MT5006 MkII "Ulysses" now sailing
The second Explorer Yacht design from Marin Teknikk, MT5006 MkII "Ulysses", is now completed and sailing in the Mediterrainien Sea.The 116m long Explorer Yacht will accommodate 74 people in a spacious interior, and blends a robust, hard-working character with luxurious extras. "Ulysses" is espesially designed for long expeditions in potential rough waters.  
05.07.2018 08:03
MT6027 Maersk Installer in firefighting operation
Maersk Installer, a MT6027 design from Marin Teknikk, was recently engaged to perform firefighting on the large Maersk Honam container vessel in the Arabian Sea.The fire onboard Maersk Honam was raging for around five days, with a tragic loss of four people's lives, and one person still missing. Maersk Installer was, together with the offshore patrol vessel Shoor and with two tugs CSC Nelson, led by Smit Salvage and Ardent, according to Maersk Line.
17.04.2018 13:44
The Longliners MT1112 ‘Nordic Prince’ and MT1112 ‘Argos Georgia’ was given their name in a very nice ceremony in Gibraltar on 9th of March 2018, accompanied by invited guests. At the same time the vessels was handed over to their new owner; Ervik Havfiske AS.Built by Tersan Shipyard in Turkey, the sister vessels are 54 meters long and 13 meters wide, both ready to perform fishing for Patagonia Toothfish in the Southern Ocean. Patagonia Toothfish is a species found in cold waters.  The vessels are equipped with Line Hauling moonpool for improved efficiency and safer working environment and have a complete new autoline arrangement.The vessels are designed with higher ice-class for demanding oceans and built with conventional and hybrid propulsion. The vessels keep accommodation for 28 people and keeps high standard furnishing. During the trip from Turkey to Gibraltar, the vessels got their first test in stormy sea. Both the vessels and the crew arrived in good shape with very good recommendations. 
16.03.2018 19:01




Marin Teknikk sikrer nye kontrakter på linebåter

Marin Teknikk har inngått kontrakter med Frøyanes AS for levering av design- og engineering for to nye linebåter.

Båtene vil ha en lengde på 50 meter og en bredde på 12,5 meter. Begge båtene skal drive fiske i norske farvann men er og designet med høg isklasse for å kunne operere også i arktiske farvann. Fartøyene har fått design benevnelsen MT1111.

Fartøyene bygges med konvensjonell fremdrift og har innredning for 18 personer. De er designet i hht rederiets ønsker og vil bli utrustet med autoline linesystem og automatisk line-hale system, fabrikk til prossesering av fisk og god fryselager kapasitet. Det blir flere leverandører fra Norge som for nytte godt av kontraktene med utstyrs leveranser til disse fartøyene.

Rederiet har inngåt kontrakt med Tersan Shipyard i Tyrkia om bygging av fartøyene. Det første fartøyet skal leveres i desember 2019 og det andre fartøyet i februar 2020.

Marin Teknikk har designet en rekke båter for Ervik Havfiske, som nylig også feiret 30-års jubileum. MT gruppen er svært takknemlig for den tilliten som igjen er vist gjennom disse kontraktene. Dette er båt nummer ni og ti som Stig Ervik og Kjell Magne Ervik kontraherer med MT-Design.

Salgsdirektør Richard Gjerde påpeker at dette er en svært gledelig kontrakt i et krevende marked. «Vi har jobbet tett med Ervik i en årrekke og føler at dette er en annerkjennelse av arbeidet vårt med å tegne trygge, funksjonelle, miljøvennlige og kosteffektive båter spessial tilpassa til Ervik konsernet.» Det er også veldig spennende for Marin Teknikk å samarbeide så tett med Ervik Havfiske, et rederi som er aktive og verds ledende innenfor linefiske på flere havområder.

For ytterligere informasjon:

Salgsdirektør Richard Gjerde, tlf. 90 20 80 14, e-mail: og
Salgsingeniør Thomas Edvard Gjerde tlf. 95 78 03 86, e-mail:



Marin Teknikk secures contracts for new Longliner vessels

Marin Teknikk enter into contracts with Frøyanes AS for delivery of Design- & Engineering packages for two new Longliner vessels. 

The vessels will have a length of 50 meters and a beam of 12,5 meters. Both vessels will be fishing in Norwegian waters and are especially designed with higher ice-class with ability to operate worldwide including arctic and Antarctic regions. The design name is MT1111.

The vessels will be built with conventional propulsion and comfortably accommodation for 18 persons. The vessels are designed according to Owners requirements and will be equipped with Mustad Magpacker autoline system and a special designed automatic line hauling system. The fish will be processed in a fish processing factory for HG and frozen in vertical plate freezers and tunnel freezer, and a large cargo hold.

The Ship-Owner has signed contract with Tersan Shipyard in Turkey for building the vessels. The first is scheduled for delivery in December 2019 and the second in February 2020.
Marin Teknikk has designed a number of vessels for Ervik, who also celebrated it’s 30 years anniversary. The MT group is very grateful for the trust shown in these contracts. These vessels represent vessels number nine and ten that Owners that Stig Ervik and Kjell Magne Ervik builds with MT-Design.

Sales Director Richard Gjerde points out that this is a very pleasant contract in a demanding market. «We have worked closely with the Ervik Group for many years and we see this contract as an acceptance of the work we have done providing safe, functional, environmentfriendly and costeffective fishing vessels tailormade for Ervik’s various requirements, depending on where they are operating».

"We have been working close to Ervik in a number of years and feel that we have developed very good relationship, and vessels with functional solutions which have been especially fitted to the different needs within the Ervik group of companies. It’s very exiting for Marin Teknikk’s designers and engineers to work so closely with a Ship-Owner which is so dedicated to the fishing, and exploiting the resursses in a viable and eco friendly way, as Ervik Havfiske Group is doing", says Thomas Edvard Gjerde.

For further information, please contact:

Sales Director Richard K. Gjerde, phone: +47 90 20 80 14, e-mail: and
Sales Engineer Thomas Edvard Gjerde tlf. 95 78 03 86, e-mail:

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